May 26, 2015

April | May 2015 Photos

We were blessed by Scott and Rosela Heronimus for their hospitality in Austin, TX last month. Thanks guys!
Ladies night out
How sweet is this?!
We love dates to massage chairs
Nati says this has been one of best books she's read this year
We're on book four already!

New portrait drawing
Out for a walk in Brownsville

South Texas highways 
Riverwalk in San Antonio
Does anyone else ever imagine horizonal clouds as... mountains? Well, Nati and I do.
Nati blessed me with being able to take part in a workshop on Bible Exposition last month for my birthday. I love you babe!
Everything sweats in Texas in the Springtime
Starting trends
Road trips, many many road trips since being married
My beard makes the rounds

Hipster party
Spent time at the TET booth
Over-night french toast from Nati for Matt's birthday
Home made apple pie
We found a recipe for homemade Wendy's frosty (it tasted just like the real thing!)
Working on the drawing
Nati woke up one morning not being able to bite down her teeth. She needs to get one of her wisdom teeth removed.

Mar 31, 2015

Mar 16, 2015

January/February Photos

Got Ice?
Aunt Gail and Uncle Charlie spend their winters in South Texas. It's always a good time hanging out with them.
While Matt was in Canada, Nati got to spend time with family in Miami.
Another Temples Reunion/Farewell concert at Harvest 
This one's for my hommies
Pancake Matt
Don't we look alike?
Valentine's Day with our friends Billy and Elise

Dolphins.... KISSING
Getting to pray at Harvest in Dekalb, IL the night before heading to Canada
Gas stations in Northern Minnesota sell fishies
The fish in Minnesota must be... HUGE
Just a polar bear carpet
Look at the moose. Look at the deer. Now look at the moose. These guys are ENOMROUS
The man asked a simple question
Some pretty serious artists at the Five Guys
I never knew!
Chilly Illinois day, awaiting Nati's arrival
We don't have Panera's down in South Texas.
You can get anything at the Store
Old college town hang out place

First time to the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts
Nati in a music video
Nati on an album cover
The largest sky-scrapper in the Valley

Recently came across a place that sells this
Best Friends
Again, best friends
Voice recognition never gets Nati's name right 
At the Palo Alto Battlefield
Our newest Communications Staff, Randy Turner, working on a video
Local High School drama production
Saint of the birdbath
Los Fresnos got a... WALMART
Nati's latest gardening project

Sound it out - This is what First Nations language sounds like. Ojibwe
Driving on the ice roads in Canada
Blessed time with Harvest Church family for the Canada trip