Nov 29, 2014

Photos // November 2014

Mexico: 97 year old man... who wants to get baptized!

Mexico: These kids thought Matt was a celebrity and wanted his autograph

Mexico: Nati helping out with the kids

Mexico: Starting in the book of Romans with "J". He wants to be a pastor

Mexico: Ever been distracted by chickens in the tree during your Bible study?

Mexico: "Jesus Saves!"

Mexico: Ahh, you know, just moving a bathroom

Mexico: Driving the roads

Mexico: Working life

Mexico: Nati and Ethan

Mexico: Nati scoring a goal in soccer with the kids

Mexico: Nati translating

Mexico: Nati can make friends very easily

Mexico: "Welcome"

Nati at our communications end-of-year mailing party

Date night: We were gifted & recommended to a good NY style pizza place by friends from our church

Matt got to lead a group of missionary trainees in oral bible storying. Can you guess which story this is?

The night Nati came around to finally playing AND enjoying!

Uncle Matt and Owen

You may be getting this in the mail shortly 

Probably the most important piece of mail To Every Tribe sends out

South Padre Island date night and sunset

Date night again

Nati sharing a bible story

First time charcoal grilling: fail

Second attempt at charcoal grilling: amazing!

We've had some cold days here. Poor Nati has been sick the last couple weeks also

Everything's bigger in Texas

The season has begun!

Nati with Eleanor

Nati was sick for a few weeks this last month. Thankful for friends who let us use this stuff!

Homemade pizza

Couldn't have said it better myself

John Wycliff presented on Reformation Day

"The just shall live by faith!"

...I'm still waiting for my check in the mail

Waiting for our food to grill


Who's ready for a board meeting? This guy.

New York pizza

Happy thanksgiving! Our first turkey came out great.

Oct 23, 2014

The Start of Fall... kinda

When in Mexico

Biblical theology - Tracing themes to see the storyline of the Bible unfold

Glorious Mexico food

Josh teaching in Mexico

Nati in Mexico

Some of our favorite people in Mexico
Nora and Nati time
Records galore in Harlingen

Antique date

Lard: Your common Walmart item

Stick bug

"Nacho's with Nacho" night

Like I said, "Nachos with Nacho"

Beard bed-head... it happens

Thanks Borton family!


We'll do anything to make it FEEL like Fall down here

Faces of the Nations; First installment

Children ministry: learning about the Gospel and the Gospel's martyrs

Nati and I have been married "this" long (beard length)

The kids found this fella outside


Just a... shelf

Free coffee date for a limited time at McDonalds last month

I know it doesn't look like a cheesecake, but... it was

Nati's such an awesome help with translation- translating a sermon


On our way to another marriage celebration; thanks to everyone at To Every Tribe and River Church

Late night slushy run


All of our kids 
Matt got to share a devotional at a local children school

Doing a puzzle with Nora

Nati got to help lead a woman's study in the book of Ruth this month