Sep 16, 2016

Photos August/September 2016

At the Salty Doughnut in Miami. I hear there are hipsters here.
Two year anniversary- at the Biltmore Hotel, again!
Enjoying Nati's mom's birthday at the "Puerto Ma"
Nati and mami
Nati's childhood bunny and blanket
If she weren't pregnant, this may be awkward. 
5 Generations!
Baby bumpin it up

Building stuff!
Building more stuff!
Can't wait!
Miami. A perfect mixture of sunshine, rain, and traffic all at the same time.
Mi esposita
Nati the movie star.
Nati's aunt Mimi, sold for $2.50
Our baby pictures
We we so blessed by friends and family at our Miami baby shower.
Thanks to all who attended and helped support us with love and gifts for our baby!
Matt's mom shipped his baby blanket to the shower!

Matt tried intestines for the first time.
Saying goodbyes in Miami.
More goodbyes!
I value how my wife loves the Lord and desires to help other ladies know Him more.
Even though it's still 90 degrees outside,
we can still make it feel like Fall with games, apple cider, and candles.
Pig head.
The potato came this way.
Seeds embedded in paper?!
Sunset in south Texas.
Sample of Colombian food. 

Jul 14, 2016

Drawing Process: SE Asia

I recently finished another portrait for To Every Tribe. This is my forth drawing in a series I'm calling Faces of the Nations. Each portrait drawing highlights an area of the world where we have missionaries seeking to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. This drawing takes us to South East Asia. These pencil drawings take me roughly 50-60 hours over the course of a two month time period. Check out the process for this newest drawing below.

At the start of every drawing, I need some good paper, pencils,
and measurements. For paper, I've used Rives BFK since my time in college.
For pencils, I've been using Caran d'Ache for a couple years.
I also need to select a photo to draw from. Some things I'm looking for
in selecting a photo are composition, lighting and pose. If I am unable
to take the photo myself, I'll search around. This photo was taken by
a missionary friend of ours in SE Asia. Thanks!
I also use tracing paper to protect the drawing so I can rest my
hand on the paper while drawing.
You'll notice the light lines. I trace my drawing out at first.
Then I add all the details.

My computer is my best accompaniment for drawing from. 

Almost done!
I use this spray to seal/protect the drawing once it's done.
"Village Elder"