Nov 2, 2015

Mas Photographias

"hey" to Texas
Luis and us (and selfie stick)
Well... we tried to have a staff retreat, but you know... flooding.
Men's dream game: Lego pictionary
Minions the sequel
A Illinois family tradition in Illinois. The Apple Orchard
What art in Chicago looks like
Science and Industry Museum

This is what bees do to keep warm
Music Man in Kansas City

What better way to wait for a flight!  
So... the Hebrew Bible ENDS with 1-2 Chronicles. Matt was blown away by this
You know, normal grocery store stuff
Good ol' fashion Hot & Sour apple paste... like mama used to make it
They still exist!
the gals
Saying goodbye to Nati's sister before she left for SE Asia
It's all right, 'cus I'm saved by the bell

"Ehh, let's take it again, there's a finger in there..."
"Ok, that's good"
Saying goodbye to our dear friends before departing for Canada and Peru 
Sweet logo
Nati's sister's going away party

They call me Cuban Pete

Family fun in Miami

Fulfilling Matt's uncle duties: supporting nephew Olympic swimmers-in-training
Drawing lessons

You're goin down Casey!
Nati and Betsy (and Ellie) in Kansas City
Family portrait in IL 
More serious family portrait... minus the not serious parts
If Matt were a rapper, coming out with an album, this would be the cover art
Matt's nephews gave these to us!
Nati and Casey (Matt's sister)

50 years of marriage! 
Nati got to experience dumpster diving at a local establishment in Kansas City recently
Matt's first time trying Jupina
"Interracial Gothic"
If Matt had a twin
Nati had fun with old family photos of Matt's!
Saying goodbye to one of my best buddies