Jul 14, 2016

Drawing Process: SE Asia

I recently finished another portrait for To Every Tribe. This is my forth drawing in a series I'm calling Faces of the Nations. Each portrait drawing highlights an area of the world where we have missionaries seeking to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. This drawing takes us to South East Asia. These pencil drawings take me roughly 50-60 hours over the course of a two month time period. Check out the process for this newest drawing below.

At the start of every drawing, I need some good paper, pencils,
and measurements. For paper, I've used Rives BFK since my time in college.
For pencils, I've been using Caran d'Ache for a couple years.
I also need to select a photo to draw from. Some things I'm looking for
in selecting a photo are composition, lighting and pose. If I am unable
to take the photo myself, I'll search around. This photo was taken by
a missionary friend of ours in SE Asia. Thanks!
I also use tracing paper to protect the drawing so I can rest my
hand on the paper while drawing.
You'll notice the light lines. I trace my drawing out at first.
Then I add all the details.

My computer is my best accompaniment for drawing from. 

Almost done!
I use this spray to seal/protect the drawing once it's done.
"Village Elder"

RGV Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Rio Grande Valley is home to the most Southern part of the USA (mostly). It's the last southeastern stop in Texas before you hit the border of Mexico. This is where we live! Upon entrance into To Every Tribe's training, you realize that this a terrific first cultural step to the rest of the world; simply because of the fact that it's different from where you are likely from.

With Nati and I being from Miami and Chicago, we thought it'd be fun to do a photo scavenger hunt of this beautiful place- to highlight things that are different from where we are from. Enjoy!
You'll notice the Rio Grande Valley in the PURPLE
Every weekend, the local Flea Market floods with people from
both sides of the border looking to both buy and sell goods.
Unlike the soft grass of Illinois, South Texas grass
is more like a 6-inch layer of sharp carpet.
It isn't a surprising day to find a tarantula just outside our home.
We are home to the world famous "Little Graceland"
A common sight is signage from local businesses that have
been out of business for... who knows?
You wouldn't think it, but the absolute best tasting
Mexican food will be found in places like this. 
#HiddenTreasures #WeLoveYouMarios
The architecture is what you would expect if you took Spanish
classes in High School- Straight outta the textbooks
Staying up to date is... not as valued here.
Alright, this is more from an Illinois perspective,
but we don't have palm trees up there.
In South Texas, we do!
Though it looks like a river, we have water channels called Resacas.
These are water outlets from the Rio Grande River.
We don't have snow cones, we have Raspas. They are like snow cones,
but you could cover them things like Chamoy spice, chili spice, or grape.
The ultimate combo of Mexico and Texas- Rodeo (right down the street!)
Who owns these? Stray animals are completely normal
Taco to go #3 (there are other numbers).
You get what you expect in your Mexican food down here.
Just your average drive thru Tortilla Factory.
Another common sight is twisty trees- trees that grow sideways.
It looks like it fell over, but that's just how it grew!
This would be a big praise for Texas- U-turns that go under the overpass.
Any other heavy traffic state, take note!
View 2.
Ah, the local Washateria. The Spanglish language may have originated here.
And you get Barbacoa (tongue and cheek of cow) on Sundays at the Washateria.
These Express Watermills are a big blessing.
The tap water isn't the greatest, but just take your empty 2 gallon
jug over to one of these puppies and fill er' up.
Thanks for taking this journey with us!
"City Charm, Country Flavor"

Jul 12, 2016

July 2016 Photos

Telling Nati's family what the gender of our baby is.
Heresy Castle? Oh, "Harris Sea"

Because that's what the license plate goes.
Recent Taylor family art project
Well, that's good.
Alright, Matt has been a complete sucker (no shame)
for infant clothing. 
Poor Nati :(
Nati has been quite the crochet master! I'm so proud of her. 
She looks like me.
The husbands of the communications team hosted a couples evening
where we cooked for our wives. Here, we're learning how to make pasta.
How Nati revealed pregnancy to Matt.
pt. 2
Good time with our friend Lourdes from Miami! She came to visit us
on a recent trip to San Antonio.
Some sweet pen and ink art on a coffee bag from India.
Art easel.
Community game night with our To Every Tribe friends.
End of year celebration.
Irish jigs.
Nati is so helpful to all the restaurants we visit by
organizing their packages of sugars.
Houston flooding.
Matt recently attended a workshop on global music and art.
Instrument from Africa. 
All nations will be welcome at the Lord's table!
Praise the Lord for all the work in Bible translation over the years.
What a cool language!
Cool painting on display at the GIAL campus.
Matt can't help it.
Stop it.
I'm going to cry.
Because that's how you set a camera up.
We have these flowers on trees.
Saying goodbye to friends is always hard.
But the Lord's harvest gets more laborers every time.
Designing the Ekballo Magazine.
Daddy's ready.
Nati does such a good job at this stuff!
Had to put this one too... 
Nati: "I just want to straighten out that bench!"
Matt's drawing made it's way onto the cover of Ekballo Magazine.
Thanks Lord, for letting us be useful in Your Kingdom!
Happy birthday Nati!
Every morning on my way to work,
I see lizards sun bathing on the pavement.
I love this girl!
"Nachos with Nacho" night.
Watching Nacho Libre with friends
"If you don't get your order in 15 minutes, 'RELAX',
you will get it in about 30 minutes"
Matt drawing at home.
This is a nun.
On her cell phone.