Apr 14, 2014

Pre-Marwiage Material

As Nati and I are approaching marriage, there are no shortage of resources to go to. Here are some of the things we dug into or are currently going through right now:

Doug's also got a marriage blog here

So far, these are the biggies. Excited for this next season of life!

Apr 11, 2014

Download Our Free Digital Release Today

"Against the Grain" is an album obsessed with the tension that believers in Jesus Christ experience between what we were and what we will be as people transformed (and being transformed) by God's grace. One line from "Grounded" crystallizes this thought:

We're not there yet, we're still waiting. We are seated in heavenly places.

Those things are opposite. How can we be here and there at the same time? But this is the essence of the Christian life. They are both true. So instead of maximizing one at the expense of the other, we must hold both highly in tension. Praise God, in the midst of this tension, we find ourselves being drawn more and more into who we truly are, and will one day experience the full reality. We hope and pray that as you listen to these songs you will be drawn to the Jesus that we’re pointing to, and that you will be encouraged to press on in becoming like Him more and more.

~Matt Taylor & Joel Nash

Apr 9, 2014

Track Listing for New Album

Download our new album this Friday for FREE

This Friday (April 11), I am pleased to announce the release of our first full length album under the band name, "Temples." Joel Nash and I have been close friends and writing songs together for almost 7 years now. We recorded this our album, "Against the Grain," in the summer of 2013 in various apartments in Los Fresnos, TX. These tracks will be available for FREE on Friday:

1. At the Fountain
2. Only the Dog Knows
3. Even One More
4. Woe is Me
5. Creature
6. Missing Workers
7. Against the Grain
8. Invitation
9. Tree Song
10. Small Faith
11. Grounded
12. Homesick (Journey of the Martyrs)
13. Bare White Walls
14. Alleluia
15. Chambri

Apr 8, 2014

Many Christians...

"Many Christians reply that they want biblical solutions to their problems, but that they do not have the time to study the Bible."

~Douglas Wilson in Reforming Marriage