Sep 17, 2015

August/September 2015 Photos

Nail it.
For all those three-fingered people out there...
Lizards are a common sight in the Valley. 
Discovering hidden talents at our Staff Advance day
Brainstorming at the Staff Advance day
David Sitton sharing the heart of prayer in missions from his mentor Joe Cannon. I've really appreciated David's heart and emphasis on getting more and more back to prayer to advance the Great Commission of Christ
Nati and I preparing to help out at our church's student weekend gathering
Our church's weekend gathering was at the beautiful South Padre Island!
Snow White pinata
Matt's gotten the meet with several different guys to walk through different books of Scripture
This is Luke, one of our new Missionary Trainees giving a presentation on a passage assigned to him from the book of Acts. We want to help the trainees learn the Scriptures so that they can actually go and train others to train others in handling the bible.
This is a billboard nearby. Every time we drive by it, Nati always responds, "Not that guy..."
Matt was saddened to see how expensive soccer jerseys actually cost.
Nati getting ready for a visit up North.
Do you trees need to get free?
Nati painting a picture of the world map for her sister Pati. Pati will be transitioning oversees in the days to come. We're going to miss her a lot!
September 16 marked Mexico's Independence Day 
Crab leg washed up on shore... I missed the opportunity to get a picture of another turtle I drove by
After a long season of hard work, Nati and I are ready for a little break. We're thankful for the Lord's provision in our lives and family we get to visit and spend time with. 

Jul 29, 2015

Drawing Charles

Charles Wesley lives in a First Nations Community in Northwest Ontario. This is the second drawing in my series called Faces of the Nations. I'm grateful for Charles for allowing me to draw his portrait and we are excited about what God is doing in his community!

Check out the finished drawing in our latest edition of Ekballo!

Jul 21, 2015

June & July Photos

We got to look back at our wedding pictures on our 1st year anniversary.
Brings me back to those old Puff Daddy videos I used to love! Brownsville happens to have a terrific zoo 
Our first year of marriage was jammed packed with traveling
Communications Team vs. Peru Team
We've been married for 8 inches.
Our brother and sister in Christ from our local church opened a new coffee shop in town, Beethoven's
Our gas stations sell wonderful Mexican food, including breakfast tacos
Cactus flowers
We finally got to try out our wedding cake! It was scrumptious
Our local grocery stores have all your supplies of Religious Candles
Our dear friends Billy and Elise sharing their experience in Chicago with us!
Our daughter is growing up so fast!
Space Jam 2 is coming soon to a theater near you. Circa 1996 
What having a videographer on staff is like - Very grateful for Randy
Interracial MOOarriage
Not as magical as the previous books... does it get better?
Normal stuff at our grocery store
Nati saw this in Miami. What the heck?!
Summertime happens to also be FROG time down here
Celebrating the end of a great training year!
Shamrock gas station less than a mile from Mexican border
"Hey guys, want to hang out and text?"
Nati's birthday was this month. Got to celebrate with dear friends.

About to cut our wedding cake in the "Casita". Thankful for To Every Tribe letting us stay there!
Matt made this for me as an anniversary gift!
He hand wrote our vows and got it framed. 
We got to do some of my Tia Rosi's famous homemade arepas!
(Mine were not as good as hers!)
I almost convinced Justin to have Jokerman as the new font
Mailings for To Every Tribe
Every couple of months, we have a night called "Man Church" where we get together and eat stuff like this
Nati brought some mangos from Miami
Matt and co.
Our grocery stores also have a wide variety of Mexican cookies

Yes, that is a hand-written flyer at a local ATM.
It reads: "WANTED, single lady to live in my home in exchange for regular housework, Phone ###"
This sign was gone the next day for some reason.
"Has to be one of the sketchiest things I've seen so far..and I've seen a lot."-Nati

Oh, it's tea
Palm trees are not a known thing in IL. But we've got plenty down here
Peacock at local zoo (Thank you VanderArks for getting us in for free!)

Start your day off the holy way
Nailed it #even
It appears we have a pattern of getting very sick twice a year
(so we survive off of Emergen-C and Echinacea Tea)
Stick bug
Tortilla isle
If anyone needs a tree..
Came across this fellow while driving
As my beard was getting longer, Nati helped me protect it from outside sources
I love this picture. Snapped it just after leaving our wedding ceremony. The other day we celebrated our first anniversary!
Zoo - "And here you'll see our Whataburger bag."
Why get four when you could get one (rim)?
Matt played at the new local coffee shop, Beethovens, last week
We're very grateful for the Holloways' counsel and friendship from the start of Matt and I's relationship.
Sad to be apart from our mentors, but excited to see how the Lord is going to use them in Peru!