Apr 29, 2016

March/April 2016 Photos

On top of the "Serious Tower" with my nephews
"Sometimes, Ethan, people might mistake you for your twin brother."
Uncle duties 
Selfie stick fun
Nati's closest friends for a few weeks in Costa Rica
Betsy, Nora, and Nati
Some familiar faces!
Lord willing, these wives and their families will soon be in Peru as missionaries
The Holloways (stuffed in a taxi)
I knew there was a reason I loved this girl!
Before any piece of artwork begins, there is plenty of prep work
Nati and I were the youngest ones at the Frank Sinatra concert
Sombrero Festival is one of the most celebrated things here in the Rio Grande Valley.
This year was the first year we got to check it out together.
This is a photo of the jalapeno eating contest
You know it!
Ted Sheeran
Can you guess who is the Type A & the Type B between the two of us?
Check. Out. That. Lens. #nojoke
Nati, my little photographer!
Well, I guess we'll feed the alligators then
At the Laguna Wildlife Refuge
Oh, just Nati walking down a painting.
Beautiful Mexican architecture
One of the most attractive things about my wife is her love for the Bible
Recent notes from family church night. Can you guess the Scripture?
Some more notes from family church night
We recently began reading The Hobbit.
We then recently found ourselves not reading it.
Sign 1: "Closed on Wednesday"
Sign 2: "Closed EVERY Wednesday"
KILLER designs
Fun painting together
My Hobbit artwork for Nati
Who remembers Jenga?!
We do.
Nailed it.
Beautiful South Padre Island bay
For all those 3 year old drummers out there
Yes, Jesus loves us
Mi amor!
Southern Texas sunset
Roadtrip to Louisville
Double Rainbow!!!
How thoughtful of them!
Johnny Cash #remember
All the speakers at #T4G
10,000+ men at the Together for the Gospel conference
Never..... would I do this job
(men are cleaning the windows)
Mentor in the faith
#SupportLocalArts -
My buddy Aaron Kapper is great friend and illustrator. Check him out!
The train to Chicago goes right by where my grandparents used to live!
One of the greatest cities in the world!
Let Matt geek out for a minute...
The Art Institute in Chicago has a very special Van Gogh exhibit going on right now.
People from all over the world were probably at this thing!
Did you know - Van Gogh once heard Charles Spurgeon preach and
thought to himself, "I think I should be a preacher"
Van Gogh's paints and palette
An Amish Paradise
My nephews kept calling this the "Serious Tower" 
My last partnership meeting in Illinois - enjoying dinner with my dad and
watching the last Blackhawks game of the playoffs